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A lot of tricks to create comfortable at home. At this chance, there are four tricks to make comfortable house, cozy house. Those are Colouring,  Lighting, Furniture, and Painting.  Everyone has trick, style to make comfortable house. However, the most people cannot  combine style with substance and tend to play with style. From the beginning of civilization where humans call home is a mixture of comfortable living environments, decorative art touches and optimal climatic conditions. Most of all people  want to make their home feel more comfortable, or brand new to their living space. Try  these tricks to make comfortable house in your residence, feel glad to stay at home full day.

Colour in Trick

Colouring has significant role to make comfortable house. While making a palette of color for our home encompasses more than wall paint colors. A good color scheme also considers in furniture, flooring, fixtures and other accessories. We have to find the right colour and ready to go. So, what like is the right colour? Well, with dry dwindling and the rainy season about to set in, dark colours are a good choice.

  • Green and blues have a calm and cool effect, make our soul peace, compared to the lighter counterpart.
  • Bright colours reflect light and create a room look felt bigger and brighter.
  • Neutral colours, generally mean white or grey, have no strong characteristics or features. However, these colours can create good looking color combined with other color we choose. Neutral colors can be chosen and considered for color scheme backbone. We can play and experimence with colours to make wonderful scheme in house.

Light in Trick

The next important trick to make comfortable house is lighting. The light has essential charateristic near same with colour. Dark or bright colours on walls, compliment them with dark or bright lighting,similar with other colours. Good home lighting will enhance style and tone of house, creating comfort and beauty. In addition, lighting can create colours pop, set a mood, illuminate space and establish sense of security.

Therefore every room in our house has different function, so to make comfortable house. Hence every room should be fitted different lighting too, either direct and indirect lighting or combination both of them.

  • Lighting in Living Room : 

    Due to Living Room is usually used for more formal entertaining or socializing with guests, so lighting should be used able to emphasize its importance. In addition, there’s adequate light for reading. A variety of light sources in living room will provide a more than adequate amount of light for each task. It also will be flexible enough for variety of activations.

  • Lighting in Kitchen :

    Kitchen as a part of high activity room needs task lighting and general lighting.It is for occupants to function efficiently. In specific task areas, such as island, sink,   coutertops and range, need direct lighting. Seems like down lights type so shadowy areas are obliterated.

  • Lighting in Bathroom :

    Generally, lighting in bathroom requires the same lighting type, general and task lighting. Bathroom have their own requirements, depend on who will use them. Therefore the lighting style in guest or children bath may be different with in master bath. If exist mirror in the bathroom, the better (or best) use side lighting for seeing oneself in the mirror than overhead lighting. Because overhead lighting will create effect : the face portions is always going to be in shadow.

  • Lighting in Bedroom :

    Generally this room do not require any specialized task lighting, however most rooms have a central overhead fixture and lamps or scones at bedside for reading. Table lamp with colour and blurring light can also create an elegant romantic atmosphere.

Better all rooms should have a natural light source if possible and preferably from two sides, because natural light makes an interior space feel better. It also mean good air circulation.

Furniture in Trick

Furnitures can create comfortable atmosphere in house, not must be lux and glamour but its arrangement and setting are punctual and right. The following arrangement tricks to make house feel cozy :

  • Plan the Layout :

    This related to where furnitures will be placed and how it will be used and how many people. Symmetrical arrangement will give rooms a formal feel, the opposite  asymmetrical will create a more casual feeling.

  • Arrange and Create Space :

    Take position  three inches from wall, or add narrow console table in the gap. Because it create the illusion a wall is further away than it really is.

  • Try and add striped sofa, because stripes can elongate a room. And the best result, line align lengthways with room.
  • Place mirror strategically to extend a room, face lengthways for optimal effect.
  • Arrange furniture diagonally while this will lead our eyes smoothly around the room.
  • Hang artwork or photo lower than usual where it will give taller ceilling impression as a result making room larger.
  • Keep furniture from blocking the window and door so room will look bigger.


Planting in Trick

Plant is a essential element effectively to reduce the hot air in house, absorb carbondioxide gas, and yield oxygen. Therefore these make the rooms fresher and healthy. How  if there is no enough space to plant like flowers or bit fruit. Don’t worry,  we can do it by planting in big pots and place it in front of house, beside, back of house or room corners. Finally good plant arrangement as a part of exterior landscape can create beautiful natural view. So feel good looking and make comfortable house.


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